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Exclusive: Emmanuel Bih Feared Dead after being Toture, naked & Dehumanize by Cameroun Military in Bamenda!

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In videos obtained by Eagle News Africa and too graphic to show, French Cameroun Military had torture, dehumanize, debase, rape and threaten to kill a young Lady who identified herself as Emanuela Bih, from Mankon in Bamenda, Southern Cameroons.

In the two segments videos obtained by Eagle News Africa, the military after raping her and torturing her , they naked her and crossed make her breast with sharp objects to inflict pains. There are well grounded fears that she might have been killed because the Cameroun military asked her to say her last prayers.

The Cameroun military accused her that the relationship she harbors with another Cameroun Military official was a prelude for her to act as a spy to Separatist Fighters to past information to them so they can kill Cameroun Military in an ongoing civil war of Self determination.

Speaking in broken pidgin, the military asked Emmanuel if she was not aware of the killings of a Lady in Muyuka by Separatist forces for having a relationship with a Cameroun Military official. And that Ambazonia Separatist Fighters had warned that they will kill any Lady who keeps a Relationship with French Cameroun Soldiers.

The military concluded that, the main reasons Emanuela Bih decided to go into a relationship with a Cameroun Soldier despite warnings from Separatist Fighters was because she is acting as a spy to past information to Ambazonia Fighters to kill Cameroun Military.

Based on what Eagle News Africa has seen and heard from the video and the fact that Cameroun Military may have killed Bih Emanuela, every single Southern Cameroonian Lady should NOT Engage anyform of relationship with Cameroun Military.

Source: Eagle News Africa (ENA)

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